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Things that people say…

“Jade Thunder has such a great voice and writes amazing songs. I was honoured to be asked to record with this wonderful artist. If you like blues and soul ballads, you will love this album.”
// Brian ‘Saxophone’ Jones – The Undertakers

“It is readily apparent from listening to this EP that her voice has an emotional depth and range that enables her to breathe truth across the full musical spectrum. This is an incredible, albeit rare, talent possessed by only a very small selection of performers. Displaying flawless vocal technique and control throughout, Jade also reveals impeccable taste whereby she imperceptibly manages to extend musical boundaries without ever overstepping.”
// Richie Noonan

“Ms. Thunder clutches them all to her soul and then sets them free to wreak glorious havoc amongst the packed members of the audience, leaving them standing in awe at the oratorio’s climax and yelling, breathlessly, for more.”
// Liverpool Sound & Vision

“What can I say about this woman with fire in her voice and heart….she makes you melt xxx”
// Connie Lush – The Connie Lush Band

“The final act on the bill is one of Wirral’s finest female vocalists. Jade Thunder brings a powerfully soulful prescence to the proceedings with a catalogue of distinguished covers.”
// Liverpool Live

“…yet it was the vocals of Jade Thunder on The Great Gig In The Sky that had every man Jack of them screaming their appreciation to the extent where even the band took time out to applaud her stunning contribution to the proceedings.”
// Purple Revolver

“An Amazing Vocalist & Guitar player. She also makes alot time for people and causes and help’s out where she can. Love everything she does, owns the room when performs. A true pro.”
// Jamie Greer – Apollo Music

“I have been a fan of Joni since the 70’s, but I never did get to see her play live. With the superb musicianship of the band, and the pure and true vocals of Jade Thunder, I was transported back to those days of listening intently to For The Roses, Hejira etc on vinyl. Yet again, I was reduced to tears at hearing the words of Little Green. What a wonderful musical journey we had last night at the Floral Pavilion. The visuals were a great addition to the show, and the snippets of insight into Joni’s life provided by Jade had me tittering, saying to myself ‘ Well, I certainly never knew THAT !'”
// Frances McManus – Facebook

“There aren’t enough stars on here to give Jade a rating she deserves. She played at our wedding in Thornton Manor Waterside Pavillion and we were so in love with her voice we had her for the day and night time. Everyone at the wedding commented on how brilliant she was! So versatile and able to mix the new and the old in a way that keeps everyone happy. I’ll be asking Jade to every party I’m a part of I really can’t recommend her enough!”
// Emma McKenna – Bride

“I have seen Jade both Solo and as part of her regular duo ‘Glade.’ Jade was playing for both my birthday night’s out this year, and I wouldn’t have wanted to have been entertained by anyone else! What can I say, she has a phenomenal versatile voice and repertoire to match it, all paired with a down to earth and humble nature. Her voice is gorgeous and even just acoustically, the sound is so full. Her guitar playing is beautiful and tasteful, always creating a great atmosphere. As an act she is perfect both to have as accompaniment to wining and dining or to get any crowd on their feet dancing all night. I’d certainly have her for any party of mine! I am so looking forward to some of the upcoming bigger production shows she has lined up! Court and Spark especially!”
// Amber Wilding Stone – Musician

“I saw Court and Spark at the Floral Pavilion Blue Lounge last night. They had the audience enthralled. You don’t have to be a Joni Mitchell devotee to enjoy this hugely talented band of highly skilled musicians, reproducing a selected range of songs from down the years. Jade’s voice soars and she’s note-perfect, and the band are everything you want them to be and more. Some thrilling moments.”
// Susana Kelly – Facebook

An excellent show at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool. Loved it all, especially the ‘Hejira’ and ‘Court and Spark’ material. Jade’s vocals are astonishing. She doesn’t try to ‘be’ Joni, but she inhabits the songs in her own way, so you hear them anew and all those gorgeous, vivid lyrics so clearly. Great work, all of you!”
// Simon Malia – Facebook

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