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New year, new music

Welcome to the roaring twenties!

I intend to embrace 2020 with a new attitude and new inspiration.

Writing new material can be tough at the best of times. This year, I want to release my first album. To do this, I need to get myself a little recording set up at home so I can at least get rough demo’s of my work down. Having them as voice notes on my phone isn’t ideal and it certainly doesn’t help my creativity, especially when I want to experiment with sounds.

“My Fault Anyway” was released in 2016 and was a blues EP. I love this EP because it contained songs that I wrote in 2001-2003 and they were finally recorded as I imagined them to be heard.

Having taken on the project of the Joni Mitchell Songbook – Court and Spark, my writing and taste has changed somewhat. I’m leaning towards folk and jazz more than I ever have and I’m enjoying learning new chord progressions.

I believe the album may be very different to the EP. I don’t consider it a bad thing – music is a fluid art and should be forever evolving.

Watch this space for new tunes and updates! Oh, and happy new year Thunderbolts!


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